Mark Quirk Registered teacher of British Association of Mindfulness-Based ApproachesI love what I do, and I think that makes a difference.  But it’s no good if the people that come on a course don’t feel like it was worthwhile.  You can only find out for sure how valuable a course will be by attending, but it might be helpful to see what other people think… so here are comments that previous course attendees have given me permission to share:

This is an excellent course, which I wholeheartedly recommend. I now feel more able to manage my mind and am calmer and wiser as a result. Mark is a passionate, knowledgeable and kind tutor who guided us through our mindfulness journey.
I have previously tried using books, but I recommend attending the course – having guided meditations, discussing and sharing the ups and downs, and building knowledge and awareness each week made such a difference.

– Fiona

This is an insightful, accessible and down-to-earth course.  Mark’s personable and open approach creates a safe and nurturing environment in which to explore yourself, challenge yourself and make positive changes.

– Sara

Mark was very down to earth; he explained the concept of mindfulness really well. The retreat was not about ‘do this or that’ rather he made us to understand the principles and the effects which was really useful for newbies like me. The day was a well spent day indeed; relaxing and refreshing! Would highly recommend the course.
(Day Retreat Workshop)

– Dr Helen

Thank you for a great day. Learning & practicing such a variety of mindfulness techniques will be helpful for both myself personally and in my work.
(Day Retreat Workshop)

– Dr Katie

Mark’s course was a powerful introduction to daily practices that can be so healing and grounding when applied with commitment and positive intent.

– Rebecca

Really great session as part of a wellbeing day. Would thoroughly recommend.
(Day Retreat Workshop)

– Dr Jess

Although Mindfulness is something to practice over a lifetime, the course provides tools and techniques that have immediate benefit. I already feel calmer within myself and believe that it’s improved the way I interact with others, especially those closest to me. I strongly believe that making Mindfulness part of my life will be beneficial to my happiness, productivity, and relationships.

– Clive

Mark is really engaging and explains everything clearly so that it makes sense to your own sitations / life.

– Holly

Mark naturally establishes a safe-space for exploration, practice and curiosity. There is no sense of ‘hierarchy’; individual contributions and experiences are welcomed and respected. Attending this workshop was a very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday and I have been left with a deeper understanding of the purpose and benefits of meditation and living more mindfully. I had been a little nervous about trying a day-long workshop but I’m very glad I did!
(Day retreat workshop)

– Kim Helman

Mark is very knowledgeable and his sharing of the practises came from his deep experience of them. After each session we had practices to work with and reflect upon. I now have a wonderful resource to support my practice. Thank you Mark I thoroughly enjoyed and greatly benefitted from the course.

– Heather

Probably the most rewarding course I have been on, yielding tangible results from Week 1. Mark’s engaging easy style and passion for the subject made each two-hour session fly by. Having just finished the course, my intention is to recap on everything I’ve learned, practice every day and then enrol on the next course, “7-weeks to Resilience & Wellbeing“.

– S Bowman

I benefited greatly from this course as i’d never really understood mindfulness and meditation before attending.  I found Mark’s relaxed yet professional manner a great help and the course set up has worked for me.

The discussions around living in the present have helped me unload historical baggage that I’ve been carrying around and storing internally for many years, very cathartic.

I plan to utilise the “10 things to be grateful for” when I’m not feeling great as again it brings you back to the present.

Thanks Mark

– John Carroll

From someone who did not believe in the benefits this could bring, approach the course with an open mind & willingness to try. You may find interest with the insight that you gain about yourself. The toolkit of skills that this course helps you uncover may help you to lead a happier & healthier life.
(NHS Supported Long COVID mindfulness course)

Mark delivers the mindfulness course with warmth and compassion and the scientific knowledge to really help you understand why your mind and subsequent habits work the way they do. I was impressed at how the course is delivered to help all types of people ranging from any age, be it that they are sceptical, stressed, open-minded, or already practising mindfulness.
It’s truly a unique course that helps the western mind understand there are other ways to think.

– Paul Pemberton

A really well structured, thought-provoking course. Having practised meditation previously, this gave me a much deeper understanding of what mindfulness and meditation are trying to achieve and how I could build practise into my busy daily life.

Nothing in life has changed, but my approach to it has altered completely from stress to enjoyment of each day as it comes.

– Sue Seakens

Very enjoyable course that gets you to focus on what is important to you.

– Collette

Mark provided a safe, calm, grounded space in which I was able to explore what mindfulness is and how it relates to me personally in my own life.

– Nicky

I found the course really helpful and would recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about mindfulness and themselves.

I have absolutely loved the course and will be keen to do more!
Mark is very pleasant & makes you feel at ease. It is v. important to do the pracices & I have felt a real change in my ways of thinking over the weeks.  Much calmer!

– Lene

The course has been amazing! I have no idea where the 8-weeks went. Mark is a great teacher, you will learn a lot. Go with no expectations, enjoy it, take part in the group chats, ask questions and have fun… you will love it!

I love the scientific approach to meditation. I used to think you have to be religious to meditate and that had stopped me trying it. Mindfulness is the science of meditation at work.


Mark is a brilliant course leader and explains methodology and practice in a very calm and clear manner, enabling ease of understanding the mindfulness tasks and their benefits. I would happily recommend this course to anyone thinking about looking into mindfulness.

The course helped me to understand why I think as I do… really comforted by how many people feel the same way.


This was a brilliant course, I enjoyed it and have found it very helpful. I would highly recommend it, it’s excellent!

– Ann

Mindfulnes is truly mind altering for the better and more truthful being.

– Mervi

The course changed me for the better!

I would highly recommend this 8 week course. I enjoyed the daily practice and the course. It provided me with a range of tools to help manage stress and pain and how to keep calm and focused.

What a great course. Skilfully constructed and so well led. It’s given me the inspiration and tools to lead a calmer and more mindful life.

– Lindsey

This course will change my life – it’s changed the way I think about a lot things, from dealing with stress and uncomfortable situations to getting more out of life and enjoying every day things. Mark is a fantastic teacher!

– Darran K

Really Valuable and enlightening. Provided insight and tools that can use now and in the future.

Having previously completed similar courses online and by following a book/CD combination, I am so glad that I experienced this small group course under Mark’s guidance. Mark embodies the calm, curious non-judgemental attention that he describes in mindfulness.  Add a great intellect and a huge grin, and you can begin to image his influence.  It will take me longer than the eight week course to mine the treasures that he has shown me, but I am happy to have started on that journey.

– Nicki

Great course. Informative and very useful.

Mark is a very good teacher and really knowledgable on his subject, very interesting. (thank you!)

The course has allowed me to have more understanding of my thought processes, and how it affects my body. It has given me the skills of meditation to deal with anxiety.

The course has helped me to develop good foundations for a life-long skill.

– Helen

This course has been life-changing. I am converted to mindfulness for life. Mark is extremely knowledgeable, kind and encouraging… I recommend him highly.

– Ingrid

This course has given me the tools to live a more fulfilling life.  Thank you Mark!

– Jarrett

This is a great course. It doesn’t take long before you start to notice small differences in the way you process things. Mark is an accomplished and knowledgeable course leader.

– Jackie McGhee

I learnt so much about what is going on in my head and to be ok with it!!

This is a fantastic investment. I have fundamentally changed the way I think about and approach life. The pace and structure of the course is spot on, a perfect balance of information and practise.

The course joined a lot of fragments in my life allowing me to understand myself, and human beings generally, better. It has given me the ability to deal with occasional feelings of anxiousness, and greatly increased my self-confidence and sense of vitality. It has been one of, if not the best investment in my life.

– Chris

I have benefitted hugely from attending this course. I feel calmer and often able to respond to situations better rather that a knee jerk reaction.

– Barbara

I would strongly recommend this course to everybody living in our mad, mad world.

– Mary

I found the course life-changing and benefited from it in my daily life pretty much from week 1.

Mark has a unique and inviting way of running sessions. He is clearly an expert in mindfulness and an elloquent teacher.

– Dominik Popat

I thought the whole course fit together well. It has been well worth the investment.

If the smallest part of you is entertaining the idea of signing up for this mindfulness course, don’t hesitate or put it off or wonder how you’ll fit it in.  Just sign-up.  You’ll be very glad you did.

– Ruth

Mark is a very insightful and experienced teacher, I benefited a lot from his guided meditations and the wisdom behind the practices. He also used examples from his vast experience as a senior manager in a technology firm, which is very helpful for mindfulness in the workplace. I’d recommend Mark for any individual or organisation.

– Chunfeng

This course provides a great insight into how our brains work and how we allow our minds to control our thinking and behaviour. Superb tools to create some peace of mind in our daily lives.

After several years of various therapies this course may well have been the most substantial thing I have come across to help me in my quest to stay away from depression.

On the road to a new outlook on life!

Mark’s teaching, generosity and sense of humour made this course very useful and enjoyable. Disciplining your mind can be life-changing.

An excellent introduction to mindfulness. The practices are taught in an informed yet relaxed way and Mark is very helpful and patient in his teaching. A great way to develop awareness.

The course proved to be invaluable in easing stress, pacifying a busy mind, enabling self-introspection and tackling negative beliefs, behaviours and thoughts.

Fantastic introduction to mindfulness from an experienced and accomplished teacher. A must, not a nice to do.

– Phil

I would recommend this course to everyone. Having attended over the eight weeks, I really do feel re-energised.

I found Mark very informative and every lesson was enjoyable

– Richard

This course took me on a journey, or should I say it has started me on a journey. Over the 8 weeks I have begun to notice reactions, and have a tool to decide to alter these, should I wish.
Relaxed, friendly, unthreatening. I would recommend it to others. No regrets.

– Joanna

The personal touch was very important to for me: the call before I signed up to discuss the course. Meeting the group and working with them made a huge difference. You have given me new ways to think, and some time for peaceful thoughts.

– Jenni

This is a life changing course. Mark is gentle and accomplished leader through the (sometimes) complicated working of our minds – I have more understanding and feel more joy and acceptance. Thank you.

– Elspeth

Each individual will take away different learnings from this course – it is so individual!  I took away so much, a lot of which was different to my expectations.  A very beneficial introduction to mindfulness which I hope I’ll further build into my daily life to improve my wellbeing.

– Michelle

Very valuable. Highly recommended. Mark is patient, engaging and an excellent communicator, and envourages partipation and discussion.

This course has helped me develop good foundations for a life-long skill.

– Helen

This is a well-designed, proven, course to really help you to understand and focus your mind. The course introduces you to a range of meditation techniques so that you can pick the right combination to help you focus your life – and just be able to relax and chill out more.

– Dr Derek Prior

It’s like learning to swim; you can read about it, but it’s not the same as practicing. And once you start practicing and get a hang of it, it’s amazing and life changing.

– Ramesh

I really enjoyed each step along the way – without realising it, mindfulness has started to creep into my everyday life. Mark is a very charismatic and professional leader of the sessions – he allowed our group to wander down any avenues necessary each week – whilst keeping us moving forward.

– Jackie

Provides you with a solid grounding in Mindfulness and the right tools to practice for life.It’s changed the way I look at things and challenged me to break some unhelpful habits!

– Steph

If you are feeling overwhelmed with life, mentally exhausted and getting to the point of feeling numb – then this is the course for you. The courses teaches you how to ‘be’ with life and how to look after yourself and your mental well-being. It’s not heavy at all, but somehow teaches you a different way of looking at being with what life throws at you. You won’t regret going on it!

– Maria

The course has given me a greater and wider understanding of mindfulness and its different meditations that can be used in different situations. Mark is knowledgeable and passionate about teaching and created a safe, relaxing atmosphere for the group to openly talk through our experiences of the course and time in between!

– Alison

I would wholeheartedly recommend this course, it was hugely enlightening experience, all that I learn I will take forward to enrich my life and those around me. The best thing I have every done just for me.

– Sarah

With the pace of life as hectic as it is today, you owe it to yourself to remember that you are a Human Being, not a Human Doing.  Mark Quirk’s 8 Week Mindfulness course will nourish your very wellbeing…

– Geoff

Very interesting and engaging sessions.

Mark has an inclusive and generous style which guided us all beautifully through our learnings. Bringing so much more than mindfulness Mark adds further depth & understanding to how our brains & bodies work so we can take personal control of our well-being. Thoroughly recommend, you won’t be the same (& far better) for attending Mark’s programme.

– Emma

How did I not know, after all these years, how my mind works (and can lead me in to bad ways).

A very worthwhile journey of mindfulness.  I feel that I have learnt so much about myself in the 8 weeks.

I like the way Mark delivered the course in a very structured, simple, but powerful way.  Engagement and discussion with other participants were also very enlightening.

– Sapandeep

I found the knowledge Mark has of the workings of the brain from a psychologist perspective very interesting. I am fairly experienced in mindfulness meditation but found this information fascinating & very useful.  Thank you

– Tricia

The benefits of the course have been far-reaching and have had an impact on all aspects of my life.  Mark is incredibly friendly and has a relaxing presence which makes every session enjoyable.

– Lindsay

This mindfulness course has enabled me to understand myself.  I feel more able to allow those uncomfortable thoughts to just be, without allowing myself to get sucked into them, and the strange thing is they just go.

This course has proved enlightening in helping me understand myself and others better. I would recommend it to everyone.

– Wendy

So valuable to help negotiate stressful thoughts and difficult experiences.

If you are even slightly interested in mindfulness I highly recommend that you do this course! It’s fun, accessible and very insightful.

A very enlightening easy to understand course with great benefits – and good fun – Mark is very approachable and leads the group well so that everyone felt included.

You’ll learn something you didn’t thing you would!

– Barbara

Good pace, with time allowed to discuss and reflect

– Annie

It is a very useful course and time well spent. You will learn lots of things and Mark makes is interesting and engaging.

A really helpful course. Opens the mind to new ways of thinking about yourself and others. Very affirming.

A brilliant course for anyone interested in learning how mindfulness can help them lead a more fulfilling and contented life.

– Jacqui

My family commented on the difference in my approach to difficulty and stress they’d seen during the 8-weeks – many didn’t know I was on the course.

Thank you – it has made a difference in my life! A great balance of compassion and very knowledgeable instruction.

I highly recommend the Mindfulness course to everyone.
It helped me to become more aware of how I think, feel and react. By practising the exercises during the course I noticed subtle changes taking place very quickly. I know these changes will anchor themselves in a more permanent way, the more I remain mindful, which in turn will help me to enjoy and improve my life. Time flew by from week 1 to week 8.
Mark is a very kind, humble and gentle guide who brought the whole course together superbly with his deep knowledge and understanding of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.
Thank you for your time and work, Mark!

– Jovi

This is a valuable tool to enhance your life experience

Great environment to de-stress and remember what truly matters

– Claire R

Very professionally put together course from a knowledgeable leader

Very useful to take time in a busy life to pause and make changes for the better

Everyone should do it. Unfortunately most people do not realise they need to do it

Very worthwhile!

– Claire M

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