I run open eight-week courses, retreats and practice groups in Berkshire (UK) and provide courses and coaching one-to-one and inside organisations (see Reach Remarkable for details of training mindfulness at work).

Our regular courses:

Our next 8-Week Mindfulness for Wellbeing evening courseOur next 8-Week Mindfulness for Wellbeing daytime course

Perhaps you have already attended an 8-Week mindfulness course or equivalent… then this is the ideal follow-up to Deepen and Sustain your Mindfulness skills:

Deepening and Sustaining Course

If you already practice mindfulness, see the bi-weekly practice group:

Get (re)started or practice your mindfulness skills with one of these mindfulness day retreats:


For those who want to find out about mindfulness and the classes, free What is Mindfulness taster session:

Are you an athlete or sportsperson, perhaps a coach or team manager? Mindfulness for Sport and Athletics may be perfect for improving your or your team’s performance:

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